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Your Trusted Resin Bound Surfacing Professionals
Fulfilling the expectations of our customers in Rothley is specifically what we excel in the most. Our crew brings decades of collective experience and also considerable knowledge in accomplishing basic overlays over different type of surfaces as well as also the full excavation of your site. Whatever resin bound surfacing solution you need, our staff will deliver it for you.

Having a perfectly installed floor patio, custom drive way or maybe even just a garden is the best way to add an idyllic look to your property. We have been around the trade long enough to understand that to achieve true kerb appeal for your property you must have honesty, abide by certain work principles and use only the best.

As such we:

Make use of 100% all-natural stone that we have carefully sourced from best stone quarries within the UK and Europe as well. This quality of stone is tough and has guaranteed longevity and uniformity.

Apply resin that uses the latest polymer technology for stronger and more resilient bonds. The end result is typically a durable and robust surface that will provide a long service life for the home owner compared to other alternatives.

“Many property owners come to us because they’re fed up with the cracked, lumpy, and dull colours of their worn out old driveway.

” Resin driveways are the ideal remedy. They look fantastic, last a very long time, and are incredibly low maintenance.

” Our service may be laid over your old driveway or constructed from scratch. To figure out the best way forward, our specialists will visit your property for a free assessment at a time convenient to you. You can discuss what you would like without any commitment to proceed.

Our Accreditations
The Resin Flooring Association
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Really enjoyed the outcome, especially the surface quality. It gave my house a face-lift. I additionally loved collaborating with the crew as they were friendly and also completed the work on time. I would certainly highly recommend them anytime.

new grey overlaid drive


When we needed our driveway overhauled, the team really came through, spicing it up to have a look all of us preferred. Throughout, the staff was extremely professional, completing jobs swiftly and also keeping in touch as and when needed. You can depend on them to do an outstanding job for you as well

easy clean resin drive in LE7-7 region


We are definitely pleased with our brand-new driveway and would recommend this company really highly! Our choice of colour is ideal and matches so well the exterior of our home!


Top-notch Resin Bound Gravel

The materials used on our projects have been put through various durability assessment tests on all of the mixtures as well as undergoing anti-slip assessments.

This is to be sure that they meet the full spectrum of the functionality of the resin as expected in both domestic and industrial installations.

By subjecting our materials to these evaluations we make sure that the resin is flexible and easy to deal with while remaining visually striking with a highly seamless, anti slip finish.

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Our Resin Stone Driveway Procedure For Rothley

Our years of experience combined with reviews from our clients is precisely how we are able to innovate spectacular resin-bound driveway designs all the time
We only make use of stones that are 100% all-natural and outsourced from the best stone quarries within the UK and Europe.

This type of stone is of the highest quality, resilient and also long-lasting.

We make use of resin that uses the current polymer technology to attain stronger and solid bonds.

The end outcome is a harmless surface that is durable and also resistant to the elements. As a property owner, this will certainly serve you over an extended period of time. This can’t be said for alternative choices.

The end result is typically a durable and robust surface that will provide a long service life for the home owner compared to other alternatives.

Customer Satisfaction

Prioritising our Rothley clients are our number one priority. We ensure your satisfaction by tailoring our resin bound materials to all your specific needs. We know you may have no knowledge of resin as well as its applications.

That is why our professionals in design and installations are readily available.They will guide you on every little thing to do with the applications and also coating procedure to accomplish your preferred end-product. Nothing tops our list apart from adding market value to your most cherished financial investment: your house.

Recommended Local Resin Driveway Installers

We have been serving residential as well as commercial clients in Rothley for years, a fact that makes our experience in installing driveways unmatched.

Our reputation puts us as the Leicestershire premier resin driveway experts.
Whatever your need is, we got your back. Is it the driveway that requires some care, the paths or patios? Are you worried about that project in the yard or do you wish to mount slip-resistant surfaces in residential care homes? Is it the children’ play area you wish to find a flooring solution for? We are the go-to experts, fully dedicated to supplying whatever it is you need.

You are welcome to sample what we have done for our long list of valued clients both domestic and also commercial. While at it, you can be able to see our wide variety of resin product lines.

Rothley Epoxy Driveways Professionals

We ensure our surfaces are SUDS compliant giving far better drainage of excess water in a reliable way.

Also, they are absorptive, making them flood-proof. This prevents the retention of water and also any kind of accumulation or ice puddles during cold months.

We are readily available to work with you on your project to make sure you get exactly what you envisioned. Call us right now for a no commitment quote and let us help make your aspiration come true.

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Resin Drives For Rothley - Bonded Stone Driveways Paths and Patios Expert

Spruce up Your Driveway While Enhancing The Worth Of Your Home

Nothing easily improves your house’s beauty as a resin bound driveway would.

It is the most effective remedy you can rely on for wonderful outcomes. In fact, you get more value for your cash because the driveway requires low maintenance and is easy on the eyes.

Compared to traditional driveways, resin aggregate driveways are a stylish and also eco-friendly choice.

We use all-natural rocks and also safe elements in our work so you can rest easy knowing your new driveway isn’t damaging your environment.

Sick of puddles? Our solutions leave no space for puddles by properly draining all the water from the finished surface.

So why are our driveways the most effective? To start with, it’s because they come in a variety of shades to match your different choices.

This is why all our clients find something extraordinary in them. Therefore, whether you desire something to brighten the environments or a superb yet captivating design, we got you covered.

So, What is Resin Stone Paving?

We understand the need to make your driveway or patio look good. If you are considering improving the look of your driveway, patio or walkway – resin paving is the ideal solution for you.

Resin bound paving is used to produce a smooth textured stone surface. This is used on driveways, communal footpaths, commercial building entrances, recreation area pathways, drives, swimming pool borders, balconies, patios and walkways.

Epoxy resin driveways are anti-slip, porous and last a very long time if sourced and set up properly. Requires minimal maintenance too! No more puddles as water soaks through the resin and drains away naturally. And, no ugly cracks will appear as resin is a flexible product.

Resin is available in numerous colours to suit other decor that you may have in and about your house or premises. The colours do not fade in unfavorable weather making this the perfect solution for numerous outdoor uses.

epoxy driveway example

Advantages of Resin Pathways, Resin Paving, Resin Patios

Apart from the reality that resin bound paving is a fairly cost-effective paving method that is adaptable and resistant to cracking, various other reasons render it the ideal paving solution in East-Midlands They include:

Offers a Natural Stone look

Very tough and low maintenance

Smooth, seamless and slip resistant

Wide variety of natural stone colours to suit the setting

Potential to lay this at differing thickness and remove substrate abnormalities

A permeable surface permitting water to drain through

In their attempt to alleviate flooding, the Environment Agency has constantly recommended that residents and businesses use resin, especially for large areas.

resin paving stairs Rothley

Why Use Our Company?

When thinking about resin driveways, there are quite a lot of aspects to think about: toughness, price, styles of driveway, and ease of application to name a few. Having all these in your mind, a Resin Driveway is the perfect candidate to sort out your driveway design needs. They are stylish. amazingly colourful, warm and impressive.

Driveways and patios are some of the most critical components of any property. They add style, serenity and personality to the building making things vibrant and exciting. Our team believe that beautiful driveways not only add to the beauty of the property but also provide a warm welcome to visitors, ensuring a special place to visit.

Some Other Good Reasons To Select A Resin Stone Driveway:

Are you wondering what resin driveways are and the relevance of one at your home? Well, you have come to the correct place. Let’s take a closer look at what resin driveways are and also their extraordinary functions.

Resin driveways are a combination of gravel bound in a transparent stable UV resin. The blend results in a smooth coating for your private drive. Also, there is no threat of flooding as it’s absorptive, allows water drainage and is resistant enough to withstand breaking. Many people are selecting a resin solution currently. For the very best outcomes, obtain suggestions from a professional on the full cost, design and also type that will be perfect for your residence entrance.

Resin driveways have attributes that make them rank high above all other driveways. We are here to help in your search for the most effective company that mounts resin driveways.

Resin Driveway Colours Add Beauty

Sick of that boring tarmac driveway? Resin driveways offer you the possibility of working with more than one colour. The only limit may be your creativity and size of your work area obviously. To add spice to this quality is that the resin is UV stable hence will not discolor on exposure to the scorching sun.

Its anti-stain property means that occasional oil spills will not permanently stain your driveway.

colour combination choices readily available for driveways
Rothley outdoor patio resurfaced in resin

Resin Driveway Cost - Easy Installs!

Some of the things that people fear most about building and construction is the amount of work that needs to be put into it. Resin driveways have a simple laying procedure.

Where there is no suitable existing base, you will have to excavate the current ground material and fill with a suitable building material. That could either be tarmac, asphalt or concrete.

Then the resin mixture is diligently poured on top and spread out according to the designs preferred. If there is currently an excellent existing base, then the job is much easier.

Resin Driveways Near Me

Resin driveways are additionally low maintenance. Compared to its competitors in the market, resin driveways are merely cleaned by applying water on the surface and sweeping with a stiff brush. With this comfortable routine, you will keep out grass and other weeds from ruining your driveway.

The pricing for resin-bound surfacing can vary depending upon the overall size and site of the selected area. If you’ve got a large drive that you are choosing to install resin-bound on, then the charges will be higher due to more products being used.

Resin bound may be more costly than other driveway types like tarmac, however it has a nicer appearance and is very resilient through all weather conditions. With very little maintenance and a durable product, this resin bound is a great option for you and is really cost effective.

We more than happy to show you previous projects we have done to help you choose a resin bound driveway. Recommendations from pleased clients can help you see what your house is missing.Our goal is to please you hence we will deliver top notch work according to your specific wishes and also surpass all your expectations.

Our crew of competent professionals will create a resin bonded driveway no matter the design or sort of surface you need and also raise your house’s beauty.

Our team equally love to operate in these local areas and even more….

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