Resin is a great choice for your driveway, patio or path in Birstall.

Resin can be used to finish your driveway, patio, or path. It also adds a beautiful aesthetic touch that will increase the property’s value. Resin is more eco-friendly that concrete and has many other advantages.


Resin bound driveways can be as eco-friendly as concrete patios and walkways. Our resin bound surfaces use natural stone and a high-grade resin that does not contain solvents. They are just as durable as concrete without causing any harm to our planet.

The permeable nature our resin driveways patios and pathways allows water to naturally drain away. This helps reduce the risk of flooding in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Compliant

Oct 2008 saw the adoption of legislation that applied to households. It stated that any paving that exceeds 5m in front of a property must be permeable, and that any paving that is not permeable would need planning permission. This is called Sustainable Urban Drainage in planning terms.

Resin bound driveways, patios, and paths are permeable and can be used to meet the SUDs criteria. The Environmental Agency encourages the use of resin driveways, patios, or paths that do not require planning permission. This is because they can help to reduce surface water runoff as well as reduce flooding potential.

Hard Wearing, Durable & Long Lasting

Our resin driveway, patio, or path materials are carefully sourced from 100% natural stone from Europe. For commercial and domestic installations alike, we have done extensive testing with different aggregates. Strength assessments were also performed.

The resins that we use are made from the most up-to-date polymer technology. This allows for a more durable, long-lasting surface than any other in the industry. Our materials result in a durable, long-lasting driveway, patio, or path that is both attractive and lasts.

Low Maintenance

Resin driveways/patios/paths are strong and durable, but they are also more maintenance-friendly than traditional surfacing methods.

The binding agent resin acts as a sealant, preventing cracks and allowing you to eliminate weeds from growing between joints. The flexibility of the resin makes it very resistant to cracking or flaking so there’s no need to set up block paving, repoint flags or replace gravel that’s been washed away.

You can enjoy year-round enjoyment of your driveway, patio, or path by simply doing a sweep and cleaning.

UV Stable, Resistant Against Fading

We use ResinBound UVR Pro, which is the best choice for polyurethane resins. It has been specifically formulated to be used in resin bound driveways and patios. It is UV stable, so resin bound aggregates won’t yellow or change colour with the sun’s UV light.

ResinBound UVR Pro resin has been tested to ensure its quality. It comes with a 25-year color lock guarantee from the manufacturer.

Stain Resistant

Because resin driveways, patios, paths and patios are made from recycled materials, they are highly resistant to staining problems that can be found with stone, concrete, or tarmac. The resin acts to seal the natural stones and stops oil, tarmac, concrete, and stone from staining them.

The porous surface of the final surface allows for residues that could stain non-permeable surfaces to be naturally washed away, rather than being absorbed.

Weed Resistant

It is possible to make driveways, patios, and paths more resistant to weed growth by using the clever cellular structure created when resin bound surfaces are installed. Because of its porous nature, water is not retained in the surface and this can cause roots to become resistant.

Furthermore, the resin driveway, patio, and path provides a single surface that is continuous. The flexibility combined with the lack of joints eliminates the potential for cracks in traditional surfacing materials.

Anti Slip Properties

All resin driveways, patios and pathways we install follow manufacturer recommendations. This ensures exceptional anti-slip characteristics. Testing has shown that all surfaces meet safety requirements set forth in BS 7976-2 guidelines. A “Pendulum test value” (PVT) is the measurement of anti-slip properties. 36 PTV values are required by The Health and Safety Executive. A higher value means that the slip resistance is better.

We offer finishes with a lowest PVT value (69), and many others with a higher PVT value (75 or more).

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